Context Consult

  • Established 2003
  • Project leader for The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise` (NHO) Private Sector Program in East Africa. The project facilitates business to business contact, assist companies doing feasibility studies and promote business opportunities in East Africa within a number of sectors such as oil and gas,  energy production, aquaculture, housing, water, agriculture.
  • Project leader and organizer of The Confederation of Norwegian Enterprise (NHOs) Africa Network, a meeting place for companies with business interests in Africa.
  • Experience from 15 years of international work with consultancies and assignments in more than 20 countries in Asia, Africa and Latin  – and South America.
  • Experience from the Business Match Making-programs in South Africa, India and  Sri Lanka.
  • Working with Bangladesh from 1999 onwards. Assessment of Business Conditions and Sector Potential (study 2009). From 2010, consultant for Innovation Norway in the newly started Business Match Making Program between Norway and Bangladesh